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We all have some furniture at home. But do you know your most expensive or the most favorite one? Well I do, it’s your couch. Almost every home decor idea puts the couch front and center. Everyone loves their couch and they take good care of it too. You have spent too much on it already so you want it to last for years too. But can you do that successfully. These days people try new and improved methods to make their couch last many years. For starters it doesn’t work like that. And also you are doing it wrong, almost 70% of you are doing the wrong things. So I decided to tell you what you should avoid if you want your couch to outlive you. Here are ways you are ruining your sofa and you should stop immediately.

Stop Sitting in The Same Spot All The Time


Yes, sitting can also ruin your couch. Well only if you sit in the same place again and again. You can cause the couch to wear off unevenly. These sorts of things can happen if you are the only one using the couch as well.


Don’t Jump on Your Sofa


Oh Yeah, this can definitely harm your sofa. When sitting in the same spot can cause it harm. Then jumping can destroy it. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have small kids at home. I don’t really think you are likely to jump on your couch for fun. Also jumping in general on anything can result in you having an injury. So let’s not do that and try to stay safe.

Please do Not Forget to Vacuum


You don’t forget to sit on your couch and eat food while binging on your shows. Then why on earth do you forget to vacuum it. Cleaning is one bit, but vacuuming your sofa is a must. There are so many pollutants in the air. And if you vacuum your sofa you are not only saving it but also yourself. Every time you sit there to eat or drink you may leave a residue like crumbs or small pieces. If you vacuum you can get rid of all those.

Sleep is Important But ..Not on The Couch!


You can rest on your couch, like a short nap. But not sleep on it for 8 hours! That isn’t the right resting place. You have a bedroom for that and you better go there. Every time you sleep on the couch you make a mistake. It is because the couch cushions get pressed in. This causes the couch to deteriorate and sag.

Don’t Forget to Rotate The Cushions


Rotating the cushion can actually help in extending it’s life. You can rotate it at least once a week. And you don’t need to just rotate it you can also change the order. You can change the cushion’s spot as well. When you do something like this it is always better to have cushions of different colors.


Start Doing Regular Maintenance


Even with normal use your couch can get wobbly and loose. So you require regular maintenance for your couch as well. It is better to do most of it yourself rather than asking for professional help. You need not spend money on this. All you need to do is get to the underside of your couch. And if there is a requirement of tightening any screws you can do that too.

Stop Overcleaning it as Well

Some people don’t clean their couches and some over do it to the next level. Overcleaning your couch can actually speed up the wear and tear of it. Also some people use specific couch cleaning chemicals they cause real harm to the couch. It is more about the fabric. Some couches are leather, some are cotton some are very exclusive. But all of them can go bad if you don’t take care of it.




People have different types of couches. It is completely up to you which one you want, but taking care of it is like a responsibility. When someone walks inside your home the first thing they will notice is going to be the furniture you have. And I believe it is important to be presentable at all times. That means your couch can look good if you actually use the proper means to take care of it.

Lauren Jensen

Lauren believes in one thing, live life to the fullest. She is a designer and art director residing in NYC. Her work majorly reflects the modern pop culture that is all around. She believes in holistic design solutions for refines living.