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A well-lit space does not only fill your room with positivity. It improves your overall well-being too. Studies confirm that the amount of natural light in your home can make you feel alive, vibrant, or happier. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most common dilemmas that even the top interior designers fear. However, a few tricks can easily lighten up your room . Like adding simple accessories to upgrading your ceiling and flooring can make any room sunnier and more inviting. Whether its a living room or a bedroom, you need light.  So, here we are sharing some hacks to help you transform your dark room into a space filled with an oasis of light.

Accessorize Your Room Using Mirrors


Using chandeliers, brass lighting, acrylic furniture, or silver photo frames will help you to bounce back light around your room. Experts suggest that the more shiny surfaces you place, the more will be the chances of reflecting light into the room. And if you have a room with light colors and place a large mirror-like object to reflect the light, you will be able to magnify the available light easily. To give your room a special touch, you can use antique mirrors, beveled mirrors, or wall sconces with mirrors.


But, if you have a darker room, placing a large mirror over the couch is all you need to fill your room with natural light. You can also use more than one mirror to increase the light considerably. Try placing the same size mirrors directly opposite to each other. That will create a sense of depth, making your room look lighter and more prominent at the same time.

Cover Your Windows Wisely


If you use thick curtains across your windows, it will absorb all the precious natural light. So, the moment you take them off, you will get an instant source of light. But, removing all the curtains at once is not possible since they are meant to provide privacy as well. Hence, you can replace all your thick curtains with lightweight fabrics. You can also create a layering effect to let the natural light seep through the windows without compromising your privacy. Other than that, you can try using wood or faux shutters if you love minimalistic looks. They will help you control the amount of natural light as per your requirement.


Add Warmth to Your Room by Choosing The Right Colors


If you choose neutral colors for your room, it will automatically improve light in it. In fact, lighter paint colors brighten up your room by reflecting the sunlight more. You can try shades like mushroom gray, rust colors, camel tan to do the trick for you. And if your house has dark wood floors, doors, or heavy wood furniture, going for lighter wall shades will give ample light to your room while maintaining its classic look. But, if your room has little or no space for light to come in, you can use light color floors, rugged tiles to uplift the incoming light in your room.

Go For The Contrast Shades


If you love dark paint colors or have dark wood floors, using shiny cabinetry will make your room lighter, brighter, and larger. That’s why shiny or metallic surfaces mean a lot when it comes to lighting up a room. They reflect the light in a way that balances the dark colors in your rooms. And if you add tiles to the dark walls, it will make your room look more spacious. Experts always recommend using glass or silver fittings, or glossy accessories to boost the effect even more.

Lighten up the Walls


We are not talking about painting your home with light colors. On the contrary, it’s about keeping the edges bright using pot or ceiling lights. And if you add sconces of shades to those lights, it will help to give a direction to the light either in the upward or the downward direction. Experts suggest adding pot lights closer to the walls to cast down light onto the walls automatically. This way, you can easily highlight cabinetry or other details too.


In addition to that, you can create glow effects by using under cabinet lighting. They will brighten up your room with the light coming off from the edges while balancing out the bulk cabinetry. Again, if you have a dim room, you can replace the ceiling light with a flush-mount or semi-flush light that hangs from the ceiling. If nothing works well for you, try using table lamps to spread the light across your wall.

Use Glass For Transparency


Glass is one of the best ways to add more natural light into your home. You can use glass doors through your hallways, entry, or stairwell. However, the type of glass you choose would largely depend on the style of your home, budget, or security preferences. One can try going for a frosted film for windows as well. It will act as a translucent barrier that will allow light to pass through. Plus, it will be a great addition to the decor. You can further upgrade this idea by using glass table tops at different corners of your home. They will act as reflectors of natural light. So, you can easily brighten up your home within your budget.


Final Thoughts


Don’t forget nobody likes the super bright room either. Your room needs to have a perfect balance of natural light and shadow. That’s how it can create an appealing look to the eyes and the mind. So, one must learn how to create a balance. So, before going overboard with the shopping, walk through your home and do a quick assessment to find out every area from where you can extract the natural source of light.


For instance, if the problem is your furniture along with the small windows, you can simply change the sides and see the difference. It would be pointless to work on anything else if you all need is a bit of adjustment. Also, there are times when a few shadow lights can create the depth providing a sense of life to your room. So, you need to start by removing things that are absorbing your light. Only then start working on creating a list of essentials to brighten up your room.


Lauren Jensen

Lauren believes in one thing, live life to the fullest. She is a designer and art director residing in NYC. Her work majorly reflects the modern pop culture that is all around. She believes in holistic design solutions for refines living.