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Practice Minimalism Through These Tips : Less Is More

Whether you liked the idea of minimalism by watching your favorite blogger or youtuber practicing it or you are just amazed by the idea of having a simple, decluttered life, it’s good news that you have finally decided to try minimalism. It is believed that a decluttered lifestyle can lead to a decluttered mind and I am a big time advocate for this belief. There are a number of benefits that practicing minimalism can offer. However, I do realize that it may be difficult and overwhelming for you to make this sudden shift so I have decided to write a few tips that will help  you practise minimalism as a beginner and probably help you in initiating.

As a minimalist all you have to do is get rid of excess and unnecessary but learning how to do and where to begin with can be a task. Here are a few tips from a practicing minimalist to an interested beginner. I hope these will help you out.

Declutter First

The first step to starting this journey to minimalism will require you to declutter and bring out everything that is unnecessary or old. Anything and everything that is sitting in your wardrobe that you believe  you will use some day should be thrown out. Every unnecessary item that you may require but haven’t used in years should leave the space.

Give Away Stuff You Don’t Need

Now all the things you just discarded as unnecessary should be given away or thrown out. If it can be useful to someone else, consider giving it away instead of throwing everything in the bin pso that at least the stuff can serve its purpose. And the stuff that is completely useless should be thrown out, as soon as possible.


Now that you are finally out of the excess and unnecessary, organize what you are left with. You will realize that you can still find a few things that may be unnecessarily lying in there that you can finally bid a goodbye to. Not just that, organizing will help you clear the clutter and clean everything. Finally you will have your space cleaned and organized.

Change Your Diet

Now that you finally have a decluttered space, you are ready to alter your lifestyle and practice minimalism in its actuality. Begin with changing your diet. Start eating clean and healthy home cooked food. Cut out on unnecessary, unhealthy junk. This will not only help you maintain your health and diet but evcen save you money.

Simplify Your Spending

Avoid spending on anything that intrigues you. This may be a little difficult for you if you are an impulsive buyer but you have to. Start making a list of things you need and avoid anything that is not in the list. It is not just about spending less but spending smart so consider investing in things that are actually better and make a budget accordingly. Budgeting is an integral part of practicing minimalism. You cannot just go without it.

Simplify Your Wardrobe

This is as important as budgeting. You cannot limit your spending if you end up purchasing clothes and cosmetics that you won’t even wear more than once. Consider purchasing clothes that you can reuse easily and cosmetics that are an extreme necessity. You don’t have to purchase different types of skincares and moisturizers but cutting down on cosmetics won’t mean you will simply eliminate sunscreen to save a little. Purchase what is important, avoid duplicates and extra packs for later.

Shift to Better Alternatives

If you are into smoking and cannot simply stop it abruptly, make a shift from regular cigarettes to vaping. This way you can save money by making an investment in vapes and your health. You can consider having a look at these THC cartridges that have been reviewed as the best.

Lauren Jensen

Lauren believes in one thing, live life to the fullest. She is a designer and art director residing in NYC. Her work majorly reflects the modern pop culture that is all around. She believes in holistic design solutions for refines living.