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Sex Is Not as Fundamental a Need of Humans as They Suggest You

Ever since the drive to normalize sex started, people have tried to justify sex as a natural phenomenon. While it is true, sex is a natural, normal phenomenon, it is definitely not a fundamental need that should be compared to food and water. If you have heard this statement that sex is as important as food, air and water are, for survival, I want to tell you it is completely wrong. It started when we were introduced to the hierarchy of needs theory where sex was ranked along with food and water. The theory has been criticised by people of the community recently and deserves to be addressed more as everyone is still not aware of the theory or the flaws in it.

It is always a personal choice to indulge in an activity like sex. There is a whole group of people that may get triggered by statements like these. I am talking about the asexual, aromantic people of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Reason Behind the Comparison

If you are wondering what exactly was the need of such statement at first place, you need to understand the orthodox, traditional opinion regarding sex. Our society has over the time accepted sex. Earlier, even talking about S.E.X. was disgusted and avoided. The hush hush practice needed to be addressed as certainly there was a need to accept that something everyone is doing should not be disgusted like that. The judgmental mindset for people having sex as per their choice needed to be stopped and for that, it was important for the society to first get familiar with sex as a natural practice. It isn’t a sin and definitely not a task that should be done after a wedding or serious commitment with a partner of the opposite gender.

To change these preset norms, and make the world a safe space for the community, campaigns to normal sex started. The movements and messages that were being delivered across platforms tried to spread awareness by talking about sex, different sexualities, and the importance of sex education.

Where Did the Problem Arise?

The idea was to acknowledge the different sexualities and desires people have. But the word ‘desire’ was replaced by the word ‘need’ in no time by the majority of people even from the community. It may be considered an honest mistake or privilege of even the people from the community who can feel sexually attracted to others, be it from any gender. This created a sense of being left out for people who were asexual. Their concerns and traumas were ignored, and they felt unattended and disrespected even in a community that was supposed to fight for the fundamental right of respect for everyone.

A lot of asexual people have been through a lot already. Unlike homosexuality, polyamory, trans, and queer identities, asexuality is something that wasn’t accepted for the longest time. Honestly, it is one sexuality that may take more time for the individual to realize than other sexualities and identities. It isn’t like asexual people aren’t sexually active or they don’t please themselves. Asexuality is an umbrella term for a lot of identities that may identify themselves as aromantic or very attracted to sex.

Final Words

The society has already been very cruel to the ‘non cis het people’ and witnessing the only community, that was supposed to be in everyone’s favor, distancing itself from the struggles of aces is the last thing that anyone would want. To make it a better place for everyone, the least we can do is not pass statements that may be triggering in any way. Just like we did for other sexual identities.

These statements combined with the past trauma can affect an individual’s mental health and lead them to taking serious steps against themselves. If you know someone who is a part of the community or is going through something, consider being there for them. Listen to them and support them in the hard times they are facing. It may not be evident but they must be suffering. For mental health and related issues and conditions, we highly recommend delta 8 as a treatment. You can check delta-8 flower reviews here to know how it has worked for other people

Lauren Jensen

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