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Wallpapers have come back in trend and this time they are here to stay. With such a variety in textures, colors, prints and paper, wallpapers have become a must-have in home decor. Its versatility allows a person to experiment with their home’s theme and style. They can make a room look bigger or cozier. Apart from using it on the walls, you can think outside the box and put them on ceilings, cupboards, bookshelves etc.


Wallpapers may even be better than paints for your home in several ways. This is why a lot of people are moving over to wallpapers as a means of decorating their indoor space. So if you have decided to get your home wallpapered, here are dos and don’ts that you must know.

DO plan before anything else

When you finally decide to decorate your house with wallpaper, do not make the mistake of an unplanned start. You must be well prepared to ensure a successful wallpaper experience.


First, be sure of the type of patterns, colors or texture you want. Even a bleak idea is enough. List your ideas and visions for an easier search. If you are still on a fence, hire a professional to guide you further on making a better choice.

The next step after deciding on the type of wallpaper should be the measurement of the surface you want the wallpaper on. This will help you decide how much paper you need before going for a purchase.


You should even consider buying an extra role to be on the safe side. In case some paper is damaged or the prints of rolls don’t match, this extra roll may prove helpful. Another important step is to ensure that all your rolls have a consistent color. Buy rolls from the same batch to avoid color variations.

DO try mixing the patterns

If you like to wow others with your unique choices then try the same with your wallpaper. One way to do this is by mixing patterns. As long as you keep your color scheme in mind, different patterns can be put together.


Take an accent shade as a focal point and build your patterns around it. You can also pair modern and traditional styles together to add diversity to your home. Another perfect match is florals and geometric prints. They always go together perfectly and create an attractive space. You can mix and match anything because, in the end, it’s what you prefer that matters.

DO prep your walls before starting the project

Whether your wall is painted, wooden, plastered or newly made, you will have to prepare it before putting on the wallpaper. Each of the wall types follows different steps of preparation.

All of the steps are focused on cleaning the wall and then priming it for the best results. Make sure that you do not leave any crevices, holes or bumps on the wall before putting on the wallpaper. It may seem logical to think that the paper will cover up any imperfections however, you may end up with the opposite effect.

The cracks and holes will damage the wallpaper in the long run and the bumps will show through the paper. So you must fix the crevices with vinyl and sand down the bumps to make sure that the wallpaper sits perfectly on the wall.

DON’T be scared to go for bold patterns

Bold patterns can be a great choice if used properly. You can make a statement with it or overindulge and ruin your decor.  If you wish to have an accent wall, bold patterns will be perfect for it. In fact, it may even give the wall the appearance of a massive art piece. Bold patterns can be a great addition to small rooms and give it a special feel and theme.


Nowadays everyone is trying to bring nature into their home. So if you wish to try bold patterns consider huge flowers or palm leaves as an option.

DON’T just follow the trend

When it comes to home decor you may want to stick to the trends that are the talk of the world. It is perfectly fine to go forward with the trends but only if they strike a note with you.


Wallpaper isn’t cheap and neither is it convenient to keep changing it according to the mood. So once you have wallpaper on, you would have to stick with it for a long time. However, if you made a decision based on trends and fashion, you may find yourself bored and frustrated after some time. Because it really wasn’t your choice. So when you are deciding about the wallpaper type see that you are totally content before giving it a green light.

DON’T try to do it yourself

Hanging wallpaper is not as easy as it may seem. You are not wrapping a gift for your friend’s birthday. Besides, wallpapers are much more costly and require more precision than gift wraps. Wallpapers need to be free from air bubbles, tears and creases. Also, one sheet of paper should match the other sheet that goes on the wall which may be difficult for you to manage.

So, if you don’t have prior experience in hanging wallpaper then I suggest you leave it to the professionals. They will definitely do a better job than you or any of your friends.


Final thoughts

Wallpapers grab more attention than regular paint. They even let you experiment with textures and bring your vision to life. Bold, dull, colorful, geometric, floral, whatever you want can be found in wallpapers. So now that you know how to choose the best wallpaper for your home, go ahead and redecorate your living space.

Lauren Jensen

Lauren believes in one thing, live life to the fullest. She is a designer and art director residing in NYC. Her work majorly reflects the modern pop culture that is all around. She believes in holistic design solutions for refines living.